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Sales & Account Management

A global network of language services sales talent

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Our clients have included 10/10 of the world’s top language companies, as well as scores of small and mid-sized agencies looking for proven talent to boost revenues and accelerate growth

We focus on candidates who are top performers within the LSP space.

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    Sector Expertise

    Whether for roles in translation, interpreting or technology sales, we search our network for candidates with a proven track record of targeting niche markets who know how to talk your customers' language.

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    Sales Support Environment

    Sales performance should never be appraised without context. There's a world of difference between being part of a global sales team with strong inbound marketing and lead gen and operating as a one-man show doing everything from prospecting to close.

    We understand these environmental factors and take them into account during candidate assessment.

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    The Story Behind the Numbers

    Multi-year contract value or invoiced sales? Sales numbers on a CV need some color to tell the full story, and that's where our recruitment team specialize. We work to ensure that clients are not only presented with facts and stats, but have the relevant context to these numbers to vet profiles effectively.

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    Hunter vs Farmer

    Our recruiters work hard to make genuine business matches in sales recruitment. Developing an existing account portfolio and generating revenues from scratch can call for different skill sets, and we ensure we align expectations during the search and interview process.

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