15. 06. 2023

Why Companies Should Choose Adaptive Globalization

Adaptive Globalization – More than just a recruitment partner for the Language Service and Technology industry.

Adaptive Globalization was founded in 2005 with a simple goal, bring together the best talent in the language service industry with the best employers.

Since that day the Language Service market has grown and changed beyond all recognition and we have evolved to, but that driving aim has never changed.

The Language Service industry is nearly unrecognisable from that of 18 years ago, both in size and diversity of offerings. Language technology has gone from being just Trados to hundreds of TMS, MT and VRI companies and the staffing requirements have developed and changed in line with that. Adaptive Globalization has been there all the while, making sure our partners have the best in ever evolving talent.     

Today, Adaptive Globalization stands at the fore front of Language Service and Technology recruitment. Partnering with Language Service Providers, Fortune 500 Companies and Language Tech pioneers to match perfect candidates with outstanding businesses and ensure that no matter the future developments, our partners are ready.


Exclusive Focus on the Language Service and Technology Industry

Over the last 18 years we have made it our mission to embed ourselves in this industry, working with over 80% of the top 100 LSP’s and ensuring that we are at the up to date with any and all industry developments.

We pride ourselves in having partnered with Machine Translation before NMT, helped the cloud based TMS companies find their first sales people and assisted multinationals set up their first office in a new country.

In that time, we have made sure that we stay relevant by keeping abreast of all industry changes and sometimes even leading the way, as with our Best Employer in Localization Awards.


Proven Industry Experience

You don’t do anything for 18 years unless you are good at it, and we here at Adaptive Globalization are no different. During our time we have helped build sales teams from scratch, grown candidates from Project Managers to Manging Directors and seen our partners explode from $1m to $100m.

We have built extensive global networks and our consultants are the corner stone of our success, building tight knit personal relationships with clients and candidates alike to ensure a great fit with every placement based on more than just ‘gut feel’ or ‘luck’.

All our consultants are experts with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the industry and their regional market, able to assist with specific regional data.

This has meant that our clients see us as partners, not just when it comes to recruitment but also when benchmarking salaries or advising what market to enter next.


Building Winning Teams

Salespeople are everywhere, but it takes experience and knowledge to understand if they are suitable for your business and more importantly if their sales figures are realistic, or if their client wins are real.

Similarly, understanding and vetting is key when you go to hire a Global Technology Manager or Product Manager, are they going to understand your tech stack and product offering or be left out of their depth when it comes to future proofing your business.

We vet our candidate network extensively and work with our clients to ensure that they are not caught out by impressive CV’s and talented interview technique.

This combined with a candidate network of over 50,000 active candidates helps explain why we have been so successful, for so long, in the industry.


Global Market Reach

London, New York, Singapore, Berlin, Amsterdam, and San Diego….no, that is not a list of nice places to go on holiday. That is a list of everywhere we have an office.

Much like our clients, we believe if you are going to go global, you must be local.

Trying to source candidates and build a network when you don’t speak the language or are 4-8 hours ahead is only going to limit your talent pool.

Therefore, we have built a company where we can support you with ‘on the ground staff’ in almost any market and with consultant that speak the language.

Amongst our team we have consultants that are fluent in; English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Czech, Polish and Chinese.

Wherever you need our support we can help.


Try the experts

So, whether you are recruiting for your first German speaking Project Manager in the UK or looking to replace your Chief Technology Officer in New York, Adaptive Globalization is perfectly placed to assist you.

Why not reach out today for an open chat about the market and how Adaptive Globalization can support your growth.


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