19. 08. 2018

Top 10: Weird and Wonderful Job Titles

Here at Adaptive Globalization we spend our days and weeks searching for perfect candidates and it leads us to look in some of the dark corners of the job-seekers section of the internet.

As we trawl through many webpages, job boards and speak with a lot of our clients and candidates, we come across some fantastic job titles – from Mischief Maker to Wizard of Lightbulb moments, I recently discovered that there’s a market for an Emoji Translator – what a job that would be, especially as Adweek reported in 2017 that more than 60 million emojis are used daily on Facebook, with a further 5 billion (plus!) on its Messenger platform.

In the localization industry, it’s important we’re across every single language, even emojis!

So, after a few laughs in the office, we thought we’d share our top 10 picks of the weird and wonderful we’ve discovered across a range of industries and have translated them for you… do you fancy doing any of these?

Wizard of Light Bulb Moments – Marketing Director

Emoji Translator – Not sure where to begin…

Mischief Maker – Content Creator

Chief Evangelist – Brand Ambassador

Sales Ninja – Sales Executive

Disruptor in Chief – Head of Daily Business Operations

Problem Wrangler – Counsellor

Talent Delivery Specialist – Recruitment Consultant

Digital Overlord – Website Manager

Great Service Agent – Receptionist

I’m sure all of you have seen some weird and wonderful job titles in your time, why not share with us your favourite ones?

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Alex Ross-Scott
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