26. 07. 2018

LocRecruiter Q2 2018

Here at Adaptive Globalization we want to share our expertise with the industry.

Having been one of the leading names in recruiting in our fields for many years, we know a thing or two about current trends, industry insights and are well connected to get a one-to-one with a friendly face, interviewing them about hot topics in the world of localization.

Published quarterly, our newsletter aims to be a forum in which Adaptive’s network of business owners, leaders and professionals can share their expertise to discuss a range of issues and hot topics.

Looking for your next career move? Perhaps you didn’t know you were, but you’ve now thought about it. Well, we’ve even included a handy selection of our top jobs in the newsletter – a quick roundup of what we think are some amazing opportunities. Of course, we have more on our website – just head to the jobs page here.

With all of this – it’s not all-serious stuff. We like to throw in something a bit light-hearted, too – ranging from strange jobs we’ve stumbled upon, including Emoji Translator and ‘Chaos Creator’ weird, right? And more, these publications will give you your quarterly fill.

So click here to check out the latest edition!

We hope you enjoy the articles, interviews and information – and please let us know of any ideas you would like to submit for the next LocRecruiter edition.

Meet Our Recruiter

Alex Ross-Scott
Alex Ross-Scott
EMEA Language Service and Technology Recruitment