Sales Development Associate

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Sales Development Associate
£28,000 - £33,000 + commission

Are you looking for a career where you can earn serious money?

I am not talking £60k or £70k, I am talking about taking home £130k - £150k a year within 3 years.

Are you looking for a career that will give you training?

I am not talking about the occasional 5 minute sit down with HR or 1 week of onboarding, I am talking about continuous training and development to help you become a leading sales person in any sector.

Are you looking for a career where you can receive regular promotions and progress?

I am not talking about the occasional title bump with no pay rise, or a promotion that comes after 6 months of doing the more senior role. I am talking about regular promotions given with pay rises every time you hit a set fiscal target.

If this sounds interesting then we might have the role for you.

Not a short term job hop but a long term career with a company that has grown from £10m to £60m+ in revenue in just 5 years, servicing the IP and Legal Sector.

We are currently recruiting for a Sales Development Associate to join our client, a leading player within the Translation and IP sector who specialise in working with Legal and Patent companies.

Initially starting as a Sales Development Associate, you will report directly to the VP of Sales for Europe who will take you under his wing and develop you into a leading sales person.

The progression structure is all laid out, the training is hands on and given from day one but always on going and the promotions are based on what you sell not who you know.

This is a role where cold calling will be important but it is also a role where success is heavily rewarded.

Interested in starting your first day as a Sales Development Associate?