DTP Team Manager

REMOTE opportunity

The DTP Manager is responsible for supporting Client Services and Sales & Marketing by conducting production-focused market/industry research. This focused research will broaden Client's opportunities, extend Client's services, and provide solutions to issues raised by Project Managers and Project Coordinators.. The outcome of DTP Manager’s work is documentation that will be stored in the Company knowledge base from which any Client staff can search by keywords. DTP Manager is also responsible for projecting the knowledge to the clients and industry’s professional organizations to expand our visibility, interacting with other Company personnel to disseminate and raise the level of understanding of production work, establishing and maintaining Operating Procedures and Work Instructions, providing training, and qualifying technology and CAT suppliers. 
The DTP Manager is also responsible for the management of the company’s production group (internal and external resources), which include design, production, layout and formatting, file management, print preparation, multimedia work, audio/video work, and other tasks and services required for the effective delivery of company products. 
The DTP Manager shall assume secondary responsibilities for the central business functions of Quality Assurance, Project Planning, Client Strategic Support Services, and Client Tactical Support Services. 
The DTP Manager shall assume a supporting role in the central business functions of Sales & Marketing, Project Execution and Procurement.