Crisis Response Project Officer

We are supporting Translator Without Borders in generating applications for for their language services division.

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Crisis Response Project Officer

The mission of Translators without Borders is to provide people access to vital knowledge in their language through translation, training of translators, best use of technology, and building translation capacity in underserved languages. 

  • Contract length:             Open-ended
  • Full or Part-time Position:         Full-time (some weekend work required)
  • Location:                 Home-based
  • Deadline:             21 July 2019

Due to the urgency of the vacancy, screening and interviews will commence immediately and the candidate may be selected at any stage before the closing date.

The Role

The Crisis Response Project Officer manages and coordinates the completion of language projects relating to TWB’s Crisis Response operations. Reporting to the Crisis Response Language Services Coordinator.

Crisis Response Project Management

  • Manage the entire life-cycle of multiple translation projects in a fast-paced environment 

  • Coordinate all the project phases and efficiently predict the lifespan of all the stages of the project 

  • Work with the recruitment team to anticipate future needs and ensure sufficient capacity according to available forecasts

  • Collaborate with the Community Team to ensure existing volunteers are engaged 

  • Negotiate deadlines with translators 

  • Establish and maintain excellent relationships with translators and revisers globally 

  • Monitor and control projects status 

  • Prepare and maintain project and team documentation 

  • During the rapid response phase of a crisis, ensure that translators are screened, tested and trained according to TWB Quality standards and processes

 Quality assurance

  • Work together with the Quality and Process Coordinator to ensure the quality of response in a crisis

  • Comply with relevant and applicable procedures for quality assurance

  • Perform quality checks at various stages of process to ensure quality and accuracy (proofreading, final eye)

 Team Building

  • Participate in organization-wide discussions, contributing actively.

  • Reliably and actively collaborate with colleagues towards the achievements of the team

 Please note that these roles and responsibilities are approximate and may change over time.



The Crisis Response Project Officer should be enthusiastic about the importance of increasing access to knowledge through language. The right candidate is an energetic team player and leader who agrees with TWB´s basic beliefs and values and who can work virtually with team members based throughout the world. 

  • Resourceful, able to get more out of small budgets

  • Good interpersonal skills; able to work well in a team-oriented, collaborative, cross-functional environment

  • Detail-oriented, thorough, accurate, able to meet deadlines, and able to work quickly and steadily in a focused manner 

  • Thrives in a fast-paced environment and reacts well to pressure

  • Demonstrates initiative, persistence, ability to problem solve, and enthusiasm for learning.

  • Strong ability to multitask, prioritize, and work independently with minimal supervision

  • Ability to mediate, negotiate, and resolve conflicts constructively


  • 1-2 years of experience in translation project management

  • Experience working with volunteers and small teams

  • Good knowledge of language technology including CAT tools, MT, QA Tools

  • Good knowledge of standard Microsoft Windows applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Internet Explorer

  • Previous experience with nonprofit organizations, particularly in disaster relief

  • Excellent written and verbal English communication skills; knowledge of French is desirable

  • University Degree in linguistic/translation related studies

 Core Values

Translators without Borders employees and volunteers are made of people who believe passionately about the value of this work and take personal responsibility for achieving the mission. Translators without Borders’ mission and organizational spirit embody the core values established in its strategic framework: 

Excellence: As the leading voice for communicating humanitarian information in the right language, Translators without Borders is a leader in the translation industry and in the nonprofit sector. 

Integrity: Translators without Borders believes that every person, whether it’s the people who we serve, our volunteers or our staff, has value, deserves respect and has inherent dignity. 

Empowerment: Translators without Borders believes in using language to empower people around the world to control their own development and destiny.

Innovation: Translators without Borders recognizes and celebrates the power of innovation to address humanitarian and crisis issues around the world.

Sustainability: Translators without Borders recognizes that meeting our mission necessitates establishment and maintenance of a solid financial and organizational infrastructure.

Tolerance: Our staff and volunteers are highly knowledgeable and skilled; value each other, our partner and our recipients; create a supportive work environment; and, conduct themselves professionally at all times. 

Translators without Borders is an equal-opportunity employer, committed to diversity and inclusion, and encourages qualified candidates of all genders and from all national, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including persons living with disabilities, to apply to become a part of our organization.


Interested? Then apply directly on TBW page: