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Recruitment of Project Managers has been a core specialty of Adaptive Globalization for over a decade

We understand that it isn’t enough for a candidate to have held a ‘PM’ title within the industry to automatically qualify for a job. Our in-depth screening process matches key experience with specific vacancies.

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    Technology Expertise

    Need a PM with strong skills in Trados, MemoQ, InDesign, or Smartling? We’ll make it a must-have in our search.

    Different LSPs require different levels of hands-on tech knowledge from their PMs, so we prioritize accordingly.

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    Language Skills

    For PMs assigned to specific global accounts, communication is crucial.

    Adaptive can help to find candidates with the right PM background plus the native language skills to support customers, work with suppliers and approve linguistic quality.

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    Client-Facing Experience

    If your agency’s PM vacancy involves regular interaction with key clients and contributes to sales and growth, we’ll focus our search on customer service experience, communication skills and personality.

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    Project Scope

    ‘Managing projects’ means nothing without context. Document translation or web localization?

    Three languages or 30? Word counts, budgets and time-frames also play a major role.

    We look to find the PM candidate whose experience truly fits with your company’s needs.

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